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NailsKidsBeautyPackagesHair Extensions Hair
Regrowth Tint£31.50
Full Head Tint£40.50
T-Section Foils Short£35.00
T-Section Foils Long£40.00
Half Head Foils Short£47.00
Half Head Foils Long£55.00
Whole Head Foils Short£57.00
Whole Head Foils Long£62.50
Backdrop Colour£25.00
Fashion Slice

(price each)


Simple undercut- Other services such as colouring and patterns available on request

Dry Cut

(spray down only)

Wash and Blow Dry£21.00
Wash and Cut£25.50
Wash, Cut and Finish£38.50
Total Restyle£45.50
Hair Styled£16.50
Hair Up

(price per hour)

Technical Services
Optismooth Straightening System

(price on visual consultation)


A visual consultation required

Bridal Hair Up£45.00
Colour Correction

(price on visual consultation)

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