NailsKidsBeautyHair Extensions HairPackages
Regrowth Tint£30.50
Full Head Tint£40.50
T-Section Foils Short£35.00
T-Section Foils Long£40.00
Half Head Foils Short£45.00
Half Head Foils Long£50.00
Whole Head Foils Short£55.00
Whole Head Foils Long£60.00
Backdrop Colour£25.00
Fashion Slice

(price each)


Simple undercut- Other services such as colouring and patterns available on request

Dry Cut

(spray down only)

Wash and Blow Dry£21.00
Wash and Cut£25.50
Wash, Cut and Finish£38.50
Total Restyle£45.50
Hair Styled£16.50
Hair Up

(price per hour)

Technical Services
Optismooth Straightening System

(price on visual consultation)

Balmain Hair Extensions

(price on visual consultation)


(price on visual consultation)

Bridal Hair Up

(price on visual consultation)

Colour Correction

(price on visual consultation)

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